About us

We are a husband wife team plus 3 little "helpers."  We love growing our business and developing our signs from scratch as a family.  We never had any aspirations of owning a business like this, as Andy grew up in a family that made crafts for a living and even said he would never do what his parents do. A few years later we met, were engaged and married all in less than a year.

Andy's mom asked us to start making crafts in 2010, as she was starting a boutique and was looking for variety of arts and products to offer her customers. We decided to start making crafts out of our little townhouse garage to help Andy's mom out. We never would have imaged our business would grow to the size it is! It started out as a hobby, and a way to decorate our own home, and then grew into a full time job that we both enjoy, working together as a team. We make all of our products in our small two car garage and have turned our basement into a warehouse and shipping facility.

All of what we do is done as a family. Our kids see us working hard and help us in whatever ways they can! And hopefully as they grow and learn, they will one day take an interest and join in on our family business.